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Concrete is unforgiving.   To get things right, you need products that perform as well as you do.  That’s why ACC provides a line of top-quality form coatings, sealers, thinners and cleaners to back you up in producing fine precast products.

ACC Micro Finish Gel

Micro Finish Gel is a new way to acid etch concrete in a controlled acid etching gel.  It is formulated in gel form which helps to limit fumes, control uniformity and adherence to vertical surfaces.  Ideal for simulated limestone finishes, for field applications, patching including vertical surfaces and as a preparatory step prior to the application of coatings in the place of sandblasting or even… [Read more]



Sealers are an important aspect and necessary support product within the precast concrete industry.  ACC has in its lineup a range of utility sealers as well as products to enhance the beauty of the work you create. Form Seal WB – ACC Form-Seal WB is an anionic stabilized dispersion of an oil-modified polyurethane coating having outstanding abrasion, wear and chemical resistance as well. The… [Read more]



When working with forms and sealers, you can not be without good solvent thinners for cleaning tools and applicators and thinning your sealers when necessary. FS Thinner – Use FS Thinner to thin-out Form Seal.  If your wood form is very porous; it’s a good practice to thin the Form Seal (2-parts Form Seal to 1 part FS Thinner) with FS Thinner for the first coat; followed by a full coat…. [Read more]



ACC Cleaners provide added support in the everyday needs of working with concrete precast production; whether it’s cleaning tools and forms to cleaning major equipment and concrete itself. Citri Solv – A remarkable orange-based, high flash point solvent blend that effectively dissolves adhesive residue off of forms as well as removing retarder residue. Citri-Solv has grease cutting solvents… [Read more]


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