Micro Finish Surface Retarder

The Micro finish surface retarder provides subtleties to your work.  Thoroughly mix before application. Screed concrete flat and finish as normal. When producing the micro finishes this process may require multiple passes using both floats and trowels to create a smooth and tight surface to achieve the desired results.   Download Proceedure for Placing Concrete & using Optimus

Super Lite – Designed to be the lightest Micro Finish revealing only the finest sand particles in the mix. A light acid wash finish.  Generally when using this grade, it is necessary to remove the retarder the same day for best results.

Xtra Lite – A medium Micro Finish exposing slightly more sand and cement from the surface while generally not revealing any of the aggregate fines. A medium acid wash finish.

Sand – The original Micro Finish designed to yield a true fine finish revealing both the sand and similarly sized coarse aggregate fines in the mix when properly removed from the surface.   A deeper acid wash finish.

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