Micro Finish In-Form Retarder

The Micro finish in-form retarder provides subtleties to your work.  The Altus Series In-Form retarders are a group of high performance in-form retarders with excellent heat resistance.  The Altus Series is especially suited for insulated panels where moisture levels are critical. A single full-bodied coat of any Altus Series retarder applied over our In Form Undercoat Release will yield reproducible, uniform results.  Available in 9 depths of etch   a test panel-simulating job conditions should be poured for proper grade selection.  Coverage ; approximately 300-350 sq. ft./gal.

Super Lite – Designed to be the lightest Micro Finish revealing only the finest sand particles in the mix. A light acid wash finish.

Xtra Lite – A medium Micro Finish exposing slightly more sand and cement from the surface while generally not revealing any of the aggregate fines. A medium acid wash finish. .

Sand – The original Micro Finish designed to yield a true fine finish revealing both the sand and similarly sized coarse aggregate fines in the mix when properly removed from the surface.  A deeper acid equivalent wash finish.

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