Exposed Finish Surface Retarder

Optimus Series Flatwork Finish Retarders are water- based, polymerized high performance top surface retarders which do not require time consuming and costly covering for protection. They are available in 10 grades from a light acid wash to a full exposure of a 1” aggregate. See the grade selection chart on the back for proper selection for your application.

Small Aggregate – A traditional exposed aggregate finish designed to fully expose a gap graded 3/8” aggregate.

Medium Aggregate – An exposed aggregate finish retaining the ½” aggregate in the concrete mix.

Large Aggregate – A finish designed to work with intermediate sized aggregates between the smaller and deeper sized materials generally 5/8” top sized coarse aggregates.

Xtra Large Aggregate – Designed for exposing the largest aggregates ¾” and larger in the concrete mix design.

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