ACC Cleaners provide added support in the everyday needs of working with concrete precast production; whether it’s cleaning tools and forms to cleaning major equipment and concrete itself.

Citri Solv – A remarkable orange-based, high flash point solvent blend that effectively dissolves adhesive residue off of forms as well as removing retarder residue. Citri-Solv has grease cutting solvents and penetrants, as well as anti-deposition agents. It effectively degreases and cleans a variety of surfaces and equipment without etching. data domain .  Apply ACC Citri-Solv to metal, plastic, vinyl, concrete, brick, tiles or other masonry surfaces and equipment to be cleaned. download-ACC-Citri-Solv

Panel Finish – A special cleaner for architectural precast in particular and all concrete in general where general purpose cleaning is necessary and surface etching is of concern. It combines a blend of mild, fumeless acids and inhibitors, which clean and brighten exposed aggregate concrete, in particular without frosting or burning the aggregates as when using muriatic acid or hydrochloric based cleaners. download Panel Finish

Rust Off – An innovative chemical blend formulated for the removal of those stubborn rust stains on concrete and masonry. Rust-Off is designed as an instant acting ferric ion sequestering formula, which loosens and suspends rust and other particles for easy removal by generous flushing with water. download ACC-Rust-Off

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