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In-Form Retarders

ACC “Altus” Series In-form retarders are designed for use in horizontal or vertical formwork. They are solvent-based and look like paint, coming in different colors to designate the depth of etch or aggregate exposure. When applied to formwork they provide an abrasion-resistant surface so that concrete, while being placed, doesn’t remove retarder from the forms.  The retarder coating the form reacts chemically with the concrete preventing the immediate depth of the concrete from setting.  After the concrete has set and the form pulled,  the surface of the concrete that was in contact with the form may be flushed with high pressure water.  This rinses away the cement revealing the desired depth, exposing aggregate or simply imparting a sandblast or acid etch effect.

download:  ACC-Altus-Brochure

download:  Altus Series Retarder DS

download:  Altus VOC Series Retarder DS

download:  Altus V Series Retarder DS

download:  ACC-ConstructionJointProfilers-Brochure

Micro Finish In-Form Retarder

Micro Finish In-Form Retarder

The Micro finish in-form retarder provides subtleties to your work.  The Altus Series In-Form retarders are a group of high performance in-form retarders with excellent heat resistance.  The Altus Series is especially suited for insulated panels where moisture levels are critical. A single full-bodied coat of any Altus Series retarder applied over... [Read more]

Sandblast Finish In-Form Retarder

Our Sandblast series continues where the Micro finish leaves off; that is a more pronounced etch that is evident to the viewer and to the feel in touch. Lite – This finish is designed to match a light sandblast finish removing surface paste and sand from the surface while leaving many coarse aggregate fines on the surface. Generally exposing ... [Read more]

Exposed Finish In-Form Retarder

Exposed Finish In-Form Retarder

Altus Series In-Form retarders are a group of high performance in-form retarders with excellent heat resistance.  The Altus Series is especially suited for insulated panels where moisture levels are critical. Small Aggregate – A traditional exposed aggregate finish designed to fully expose a gap graded 3/8” aggregate. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Medium... [Read more]

In-form Retarder Pre-Cote WB

In-form Retarder Pre-Cote WB

In-Form Retarder Pre-Cote WB is an innovative undercoat release for use in conjunction with ACC Altus Series retarders. It is a Teal Blue colored hydrophilic (water utilizing) film that dries completely in 5-15 minutes depending upon ambient conditions. download PreCoteWB site performance .  Read More →

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