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Surface Retarders

Optimus Surface Retarder is a water- based, polymerized high performance top surface retarder which does not require time consuming and costly covering for protection.   It is available in ten depths of etch, and color-coded.

download Optimus Surface Retarders from ACC

Download-Optimus Surface Retarders data sheet

download-Optimus Architectural Specification

download-Proceedure for Placing Concrete & using OptimusRev1-01-14

In-Form Retarders

ACC “Altus” Series In-form retarders are designed for use in horizontal or vertical formwork. They are solvent-based and look like paint, coming in different colors to designate the depth of etch or aggregate exposure. When applied to formwork they provide an abrasion-resistant surface so that concrete, while being placed, doesn’t remove retarder from the forms.  The retarder coating the form reacts chemically with the concrete preventing the immediate depth of the concrete from setting.  After the concrete has set and the form pulled,  the surface of the concrete that was in contact with the form may be flushed with high pressure water.  This rinses away the cement revealing the desired depth, exposing aggregate or simply imparting a sandblast or acid etch effect.

download ACC Altus Brochure

Download-Altus-In-form-Retarders data sheet


download-Altus V-In-form-Retarder

download-Brochure-ACC ConstructionJointProfilers



Release Agents for Precast/Prestressed Concrete

In the concrete construction industry, form release agents prevent the adhesion of freshly placed concrete to the forming surface, usually plywood, overlaid plywood, steel or aluminum. In this application, there are two types of release agents available: barrier and reactive.  ACC provides mold release agents for many variable construction needs and problems…general releasing,  fine finishes and intricate molds.

Support Products

Concrete is unforgiving.   To get things right, you need products that perform as well as you do.  That’s why ACC provides a line of top-quality form coatings, sealers, thinners and cleaners to back you up in producing fine precast products.


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